Hello, my name is Erika Luzie Vanoni. I graduated in 2019 with a degree in Design from University of São Paulo. Currently I'm a Product Designer at Itaú (biggest bank in Latin America).
My graduation degree in Design from the University of São Paulo had a multidisciplinary approach, it allowed me to work with a wide variety of projects, and gave me many tools and different perspectives to design.
When I'm working, I always consider the needs of the user, the company goals and technology available, measuring the effort and value to deliver the best result. Recently, I've been getting more involved in service design and complex systems, going beyond digital and thinking in the journey as a whole. 
A few of my projects are written in english, but if you want to know more feel free to get in touch.
Please feel free to email me, contact me at LinkedIn or follow my Behance. ☺

Design — University of São Paulo (Brazil)
Completed in December 2019

Exchange program: Faculdade de Belas Artes da Universidade do Porto (Portugal)
Communication Design (September 2018 − February 2019)
Classes: Webdesign, corporate brand design, photography, illustration, art and drawing

Itaú (bank)
Product Designer (February 2022 — today)

Handmade (Design and innovation consulting firm)
Designer UI/UX Júnior, junho/2020 − fevereiro/2022
• Focus on strategy projects
• Collaborated with my team in planning and guiding design workshops for clients • Helped to plan, implement and conduct usability tests and research
• Cluster information, personas and post-survey insights
• Focus on UI, wireframes and information architecture 
• Worked in squads with agile practices

February 2019 − June 2020
During these months I decided to work as a freelance designer so I could manage my time and focus on my final project for college.
• Learned a lot about project management and dealing with clients
• Worked in graphic design and branding projects, designed visual identities for events, made layouts and videos for social media and Power Point slideshows.

Abril (Publishing company), Saúde Magazine 
Internship in graphic design, March 2018 − September 2018
Magazine layout, art direction and social media,

Sesc (Cultural center) 
Internship in graphic design, August 2017 − March 2018
Designed printed materials and visual identities.
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